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Memorandum of understanding ( mou) with janabadra university, one of the private tertiary institutions in indonesia. Yogyakarta area. Through this collaboration, danacita has officially become a monthly education financing solution for new Funding in the Middle students and active students at janabadra university.

“Hopefully this collaboration can go well and not just stop at the mou, so that all of the janabadra university academic community can benefit from the presence of the collaboration between danacita and janabadra university.” said dr. Ir. Edy sriyono, mt chancellor of janabadra university.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding

Was carried out offline in the janabadra university meeting room and was attended by university leaders (rector), faculty heads, units and institutions within janabadra university. Also present was alfonsus wibowo as the main director of danacita.

“This collaboration with janabadra university Romania Phone Number List is one of the ways to realize danacita’s big mission, namely making education affordable. Through this new collaboration, we hope. That danacita can help all students to have choices, because. We believe that the biggest decision for teenagers is choosing.

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A location and study major. We hope that the education. Financing solutions offered by danacita can help students. Achieve their goals throughout indonesia, especially. In the city of yogyakarta.” said alfonsus, main director of danacita.

Danacita offers education installments for students with tenors ranging from 6 to 24 months

Students can apply for virtual installments in three easy steps, namely creating an account at www.Danacita.Co.Id, completing a Europe Email profile and applying for financing. At danacita, you can also apply again or top-up for the next semester, even though you still have installments.

Since operating in indonesia in 2018, danacita has. Helped reduce the cost of education by providing college installments. At more than 100 campuses throughout indonesia. Danacita is officially licensed and supervised by. The financial services authority funding in the middle as one of the. Information technology-based borrowing and. Borrowing services companies with a license certificate. Number kep-68/d.05/2021 since august 2, 2021.In addition, danacita has also been equipped with a high level security system certified by iso 27001.

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