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In today’s digital era, the security of information. And personal data is one of the things that is of utmost concern both. For personal and work matters when signing documents digitally.

Platforms like privyid are one of several platforms that provide self-information security services for signing documents digitally.

So , this time danacita would like to invite you to get to know privyid as a partner who makes it easy to digitally sign agreement documents after your application has been approved at danacita.

Get to know what privyid is

Pt privy identitas digital or better known as privyid

Certificate provider company that provides legally binding digital signature and digital identity services with the aim of connecting Japan Phone Number List businesses with customers directly.

As a digital identity, you will only have one privyid account connected to your identity number (nik) on your e-ktp.

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Until now, privyid already has 15 million users and of course it will continue to grow along with our all-digital needs for those who have registered with privyid to facilitate the digital signing process which is guaranteed security.

Of course, as a company that provides digital signature and digital identity services, the first thing to pay attention to is permission from the authorized legal entity in indonesia to ensure the security of information and personal data.

Friends of danacita don’t need to worry because this company

Which Was Founded in 2016 in Jakarta, Has Been. Recognized by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics. As a Registered Europe Email Electronic Signature System. Provider, the Central Bank of Indonesia as a Registered. And Graduated Fintech Support Provider, the Indonesian Financial Services. Authority as Financial Services Digital. Innovation , Cluster and Iso Iec 27001 2013 Information. Management Security Certificate.

Privyid has collaborated with various industrial sectors such as banking, financial technology , telecommunications, insurance and many more. Danacita is a technology-based financial company that entrusts the security of the process. Of digitally signing the agreement document from your approved application.

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