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The advancement of technology, changes in the work environment and the new demands of society have driven the need for professionals with specific characteristics. The corporate world is constantly evolving and new gaps appear with each change. Therefore, on this August 18th, Intern Day, see how being willing to learn, adapt and evolve is essential to remain relevant and competitive in the midst of competition. Bringing together diverse knowledge is essential Nowadays, a new type of employee draws attention and arouses the interest of contracting parties: the nexialist. Unlike generalist profiles, with superficial understandings in several areas, this individual stands out for his ability to connect varied knowledge. For the specialist in Career and Entrepreneurship at Centro Universitário de Brasília – Ceub, given the current scenario, these people have an advantage over others.

They are versatile members, prepared to go beyond

According to Juliana, they are characterized by their insatiable curiosity and their constant search for learning. “They are not limited to just one front of action, but try to understand the relationships between different fields”, she explains. This offers a broader perspective on organizational challenges. The term was first introduced in the book “Voyage of the Space Beagle”, written by Alfred E. Van Vogt, in 1950. According to the Chile WhatsApp Number List specialist, it is necessary to combine personal, social, commercial, technical, managerial and leadership skills, in addition to the ability to enhance human aspects, such as proactivity, collaboration and negotiation, as well as project management and ethics. ” the conventional limits of their functions. They identify patterns and generate innovative ideas.

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This ability to find connections between different disciplines results in creative solutions and different approaches to everyday problems. According to the executive, this specialty is particularly relevant in. A context in which companies are constantly looking for innovation and adaptability. “Organizations are looking for members capable of dealing with the complexity and speed of transformations. Nexialists bring Europe Email with them the ease of working in multidisciplinary teams and finding unconventional solutions”, she says. This level, the teacher offers some suggestions. “It is important to invest in continuous personal and professional development. Participate in courses and events to broaden horizons and, above all, be open to challenges and learning opportunities. It is not just about accumulating degrees and specializations in a single area, but of being able to unite different knowledge.

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