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Therefore, Referring to ibm cloud education , here are some of the knowledge and skills that you must master, including

Mathematics and statistics
Able to use various tools and techniques to be able. To process and prepare data, such as sql, pytho
Able to create programs that can optimize processing automation and data calculations
Data story telling .

which means that a data scientist must be able to convey

The meaning of the data that has been processed. To decision makers who come from. Every level of technical knowledge and understanding.
Now, with multidisciplinary  Germany Phone Number List knowledge and skills. That must be learned and mastered, it is no longer. Surprising that a data scientist is needed. Therefore According to a survey conducted by ibm , the number of job vacancies. In the field continues to grow by more. Therefore, Than 5% annually, with forecasts for over 60,000 for 2020.

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There are two ways you can take to become a professional working in the field of data science. First, you can learn self-taught by using online tutorials.

Where this method will take a long time and there are no very clear directions

Therefore, Second, you can take part in the bootcamp. Program where you will directly study together. With a mentor or mentor. Who already has experience in their field, with material that meets. Industry needs, tailored for those of you Europe Email who are not even. An it graduate, and will also get a job. Offer immediately after passed.

If you choose the second method, danacita will advise. You to take part in a trainingcourse that has been tested. Therefore For quality, and is also an official partner of danacita. Therefore, Following are some of danacita’s recommendations. Hacktiv8 is a non-formal educational institution that. Focuses on developing digital and technological capabilities. Which was founded in 2016. According to the course. Report assessment, hacktiv8 is the. Number one coding bootcamp in jakarta.

Algorithm is an educational institution that focuses on providing training in data science in indonesia.


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