How to develop and encourage more diversity in the business?

You need to teach and educate your teams, demonstrating the benefits and advantages of creating a diverse team,” he said. To start this debate, a good tip is to promote internal webinars , workshops , conversation circles and lectures on the subject, including professionals already specialized in the subject. In this way, by relying on experts , this path becomes easier. “There is a giant support network just a click away. To participate, all you have to do is search and start”, he concluded. Thus, it is possible to ensure the quality of life of members while investing in assertive knowledge for them. We recommend:put diversity into practice in your company. What are the challenges of implementing more diversity and inclusion? For Éber Feltrim, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of SIS Consultoria, stimulating this area brings great possibilities when thought from the beginning.

Accessibility and inclusion must be intrinsic

To the creation of the business. In a clinic or office, for example, this issue should be part of your planning, guaranteeing everyone access to your service in an equal way, ”she revealed. Therefore, several companies are recognized for their inclusion initiatives in relation to cooperators with some France WhatsApp Number List type of disability. Natura, for example, has an annual hiring target for PwD higher than the quota required by current legislation. According to Feltrim, this can and should be taken into the reality of health. “Not only in the aspect of mandatory hiring by law, but really including PwD and guiding changes based on these people’s experiences. Adapting to receive them will make all the difference, regardless of the size of the clinic or hospital, ”he said. That’s because every day more is demanded by the consumer this responsibility.

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Persons with Disabilities

Serving customers with disabilities is an obligation and, thanks to protection standards, these gaps have gradually diminished, both in physical structure and in digital accessibility”, he commented. Currently, about 15% of the world’s population has some type of disability. In Brazil, there are more than 45 million people, according to data from the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics). Liked the subject Europe Email and want to know more? Read too:encourage diversity in your organization. Therefore, to always stay on top of successful news, Nube is your ally! Follow TV Nube and check out other articles on the blog , frequently posted to help you enter the market. Also follow us on social networks, we are present on Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube with incredible posts . Don’t forget to download the Nube Vagas app.

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