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Diary of a blogger is a new section of my YouTube channel, where I will talk about my entire blogging journey, in my blog diary. Positive things, negative things, fears, professional doubts. Psychological and mental doubts, successes and everything that a person who decides to create a blog can possibly go through. And here, in this article I will add all the videos that I upload to the channel on this topic. To create an article that is the closest thing to a diary, where anyone who has a blog or thinks about creating one, can find useful topics and who knows how to remove doubts they have by seeing an example similar to yours. 

Benefits of a blog 

Others become paralyzed at the email contact list beginning because they do not know how to approach it or due to a lack of technical skills. And that’s why I thought that a section like this could be useful to many people. You have decided to launch your blog, now what? This is one of the questions that many of us ask ourselves when we launch our blog. There are people who have taken a blog or marketing course and have the steps to take very well focused, but there are many others who launch themselves alone and without knowing very well what the next step is. And this content is for those people. During these years that I have been running my blog I have seen many people interested in creating their own blogs.

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How to blogger

Who have or want to Europe Email create a blog and have doubts or do not see results with their project. We all go through those phases of indecision and in these videos I am going to tell you about mine, which will be similar to many of yours (I bet ) . For example , what type of template to choose for my blog, Why this article has worked and this one hasn’t, or why I write a lot on the blog and no one contacts me to give me a job or family frustrations… these will be some of the topics to be discussed. play in these videos. Creating a successful blog is a challenge and a path of great patience.

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