How Voice Search Can Help To Improve Your SEO Strategy

This adoption of voice-operated technology is changing the game, but nowhere more profoundly than with search engine optimization (SEO). Now, instead of a user typing a query into Google, they may ask Siri or Alexa to conduct the search on their behalf.

With that in mind, let’s power up our smart devices and see how leveraging voice search technology can improve your overall SEO strategy.

How Do I Use Google Voice Search

Speech recognition technology has been Whatsapp Number List around for a while, but it always had a hard time understanding the complexities of spoken language.

For example, homonyms can trip up the software if it doesn’t pay attention to the context of the question.

So, if someone is searching for a website called Reel News, a voice search program may interpret it as Real News and provide incorrect search results.

Thankfully, voice recognition technology has improved a lot over the last decade or so, and software can better understand human speech patterns and context.

While voice search programs still aren’t perfect, they’re far more useful today than in years past. The fundamental way this tech works is like this:

A user asks a question, often preceded by a prompt to trigger the program to start paying attention (i.e., Hey Siri or OK Google).
The program has to filter out background noise, including any other words spoken by someone nearby.
Audio recognition technology translates what the user said into digital text data, using an extensive vocabulary database.
Once the text has been processed, the program then puts it into a search engine (i.e., Google).
Finally, the software either reads a snippet of the top search result or notifies the user of what they found (i.e., I found this answer from the web).
This entire process can take a few seconds, and the program will speak out loud.

Some devices like Alexa can’t show search results since they don’t have a screen, but other voice search software like Siri can pull up results pages in real-time.

These programs use machine learning to adapt to each user and understand the context of each question.

Using a Google Home Device

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Once you do that, the device should turn on listening mode, and then you can provide a search query.

As you might expect, there can be some confusion or chaos if you’re using multiple Google-enabled devices at once.

For example, if you have a Google Home device and ask a question into your computer or smartphone, you may receive the answer from your Home, not your phone.

So, be aware of your Europe Email surroundings when using the voice search setting.

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