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I am a creative person, no one can deny that to me . ( Yes, you are too and no one can deny you that ). I agree that my ideas may seem good or bad to you (or even worse) but that does not mean that I have them and that is enough to consider me creative from head to toe. Maybe days or weeks go by without having any ideas but, as a general rule, I tend to be abuzz. The ideas come, I scare them away like they were flies ( now I’ll tell you why ) but they stick and they come back and they come back and they come back and they come back and they come back ( yes, that’s how tiring ) and they don’t stop coming back until I do something with them.


Ideas are worthless if not how you carry them out. Javier Megías top industry data told me in a conversation that, in his talks and workshops, he usually comments on good ideas “to see if someone steals them and carries them out .  It’s funny that it never happened, right? Likewise, some Bloggers like Carlos . Bravo ( son, sorry if it seems like I want to burn your name, but if you inspire me you inspire me, I can’t help it… ) also share some ideas on their blogs. Giving them away and throwing them to the wind so that anyone can Do with them whatever you want .

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What difference does it make if you copy my idea and don’t quote me?

As I said, the idea itself does not have as much merit as carrying it out and how you do it. Furthermore, that idea is one of those that I was going to throw away because I didn’t have time to “test” it. In the “trash” it hurts me, in it serves some purpose, even if it is only to inspire. What do I gain by publishing ideas? Whether Europe Email they are carried out or not. Whether they are good or bad, I will be building a reputation as a “restless mind” that surely someone. At any given moment, can value. Plus, I have a place to leave them so I don’t take them with me. Additionally. I can get feedback from whoever wants to comment on it. Also, I can . Contribute something to someone who is inspired by some of  Those ideas. What other possible benefits can you think .

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