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Especially young people looking for their first experience in the world of work. Therefore, in order not to get into trouble and be prepared, it is essential to improve your basic knowledge on the subject. In this sense, first of all, paying attention to the personal image transmitted is of paramount importance, because, as the saying goes: the first impression lasts. So, learn now to stand out with poise and determination. Know how to use the right means to promote yourself LinkedIn is the main social network in the corporate world, with more than 850 million users in 200 countries or territories, according to information from the company itself. Therefore, anyone looking for new opportunities needs to be present in the app . “It’s essential to stay active on the platform and keep your data up to date.

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Explains Christina Curcio, CEO of Icon Talent. In addition to the immediate updating of elements, other precautions must also be taken by professionals to stand out among so many users. Check out five steps recommended by the expert to boost your profile: Contact Information: without this in Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List public mode, approaching the recruiter is more difficult, making future hiring unfeasible. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear email and cell phone. “Open to Work” seal: this is a free tool provided by the social network itself and is essential for the institution to see you as available. Those who work with recruitment and selection know the reality of the market and the movement of professionals. Therefore, they will not look down on its use. Interaction with the community.

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Like other digital social networks, the more active you are, the greater the possibilities. Post regularly about the occupation sector, commenting on news and recommending related reading. Indications and recommendations: “On LinkedIn, you can and should use these resources to your advantage. In addition to recommendations from former co-workers and former managers about your characteristics, it is very important Europe Email to also ask for indications”, says Christina. New contacts: be proactive and connect with Human Resources firms with vacancies or with the custom of hiring in your training. Also, if you have an entity in mind, this is a great way to get closer. In addition, depending on the scope of activity, it is relevant to leave the portfolio open. “It is a strategy widely use in some areas such as Information Technology and Engineering, for example.

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