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It brings numerous benefits to companies, driving innovation, creativity and success.

For this reason, it is so important to invest in this culture within organizations , as in addition to promoting goodreputation, brings significant results for establishments. So, stay on top of how plurality can bring new perspectives to brands! Plurality is positive! In recent years, corporations have realized how having a team made up of people from different nationalities, cultures, genders, ages and abilities is a competitive differentiator. After all, this variety of perspectives allows the collective to see challenges and opportunities in unique ways and embrace innovative solutions regardless of the sector in which they operate. Therefore, following this path can be a promising choice for business. One of the main positive aspects of this practice is the ability to promote critical thinking and more robust decision-making, regardless of the employees’ previous experiences.

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A Generation Zreally is mark by some specific characteristics, by the different experience they had, especially during the pandemic, so when we talk about young people with adolescence in an unstable market, in a time of health crisis and social isolation, there really is a change in the way of thinking and in its values”, points out Kliwert Silva, leader at Eureca Academy. In this way, by bringing together people with varied Ecuador WhatsApp Number List experiences and points of view, the company expands the range of opinions and possibilities, helping to provide a broader and richer vision in solving problems. All this without taking into account the stimulus to creativity. With the interaction between individuals with different backgrounds , an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas is created, encouraging modernization and the emergence of unique results.

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In this context, theorganizational culturemust be focuse on providing a positive coexistence for the entire staff, with the adoption of conducts to encourage ethics and training of the parties involved being essential. “The idea is to build a space of welcome, empathy and collaboration between generations. For this reason, we always analyze the general panorama of the contractor, in order to think about Europe Email more practical issues of the learning experience, such as the duration of the journey, application format, application methodologies”, complements Silva. New perspectives are welcome! According to research conducted by McKinsey & Company , companies with more ethnically and culturally distinct leadership teams are 3.6 % more likely to achieve above-average financial returns in their industries. In fact, the study found that firms that promote gender plurality in their management are 25% more likely to earn above-average profits.

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