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Therefore, Through this collaboration, danacita officially expanded its wings to the yogyakarta area and became an affordable monthly education financing solution for yogyakarta national institute of technology (itny) students.

Therefore,  The signing of the mou was attended by the leadership and institutions. Of the yogyakarta national institute of technology (itny) and danacita. Therefore, This event was held offline which took place in meeting room 3, 3rd floor, itn yogyakarta rectorate building.

“I am very pleased with the presence of danacita, hopefully it can be a solution for students who need assistance .

with financing, especially now that in the midst of a pandemic many students

Have to take time off even though they Senegal Phone Number List only have a little more to study.” said dr. Ir. H. Ircham, mt, chancellor of the yogyakarta national institute of technology (itny).

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Therefore,  Danacita will continue to strive to realize its mission. Namely by expanding access to education for all indonesian people. Therefore,  And bridging the economic gap to pursue further education, in order to reach the future of all students.

We welcome the collaboration that can be established. With the yogyakarta national institute of technology (itny).

Danacita as a subsidiary of erudfi which is a technology-based company

Offers a choice of various tenors ranging from 6 to 24 months. This can redce the cost of education to become more affordable for students.

This pandemic period was not an obstacle for danacita. Because prospective students can easily and quickly complete. The online application Europe Email process via the danacita website.(www.Danacita.Co.Id ). Submission at danacita without being charged. Therefore, A down payment and any guarantees. Danacita conducts a risk assessment. System by looking at the history and characteristics of these students. Including by looking at their potential in the future. This assessment process takes a maximum of 2 working days from. The completion of the requirements, and prospective students. Who meet the requirements can get a tenor of up to 24 months.

Therefore,  Danacita is officially licensed and supervised by the financial. Services authority as one of the information technology-based. Borrowing and borrowing services companies with a license certificate. Therefore,  Number since august 2, 2021. In addition, danacita has also been. Equipped with a high level security system certified by iso 27001.

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