Inbound marketing good practices and pitfalls

In short, the perfect recipe does exist, but it is not universal, it is specific to your company and its Inbound strategy. The only way for you to find the right equation is to test, and measure the results of these tests. Testing and measuring ROI as the only answer for your business To find your unique recipe, there’s no need to play alchemists or pray to Kotler or Halligan , just like in any Inbound approach, you need an analytical and ROI approach. And the first step is the test! phone means of contact site Phase  The test For this part, you have control.

That you have spent months building

Add and remove contact methods on different pages of your website and on your landing pages, play with their placements and juggle your calls-to-action. Of course, proceed gradually , the goal is not to break the Inbound machine whatsapp mobile number list that you have spent months building and making effective. My advice is to carry out tests on a few pages, or even directly to create A/B test pages to compare without risk. The important thing, following each test implementation, is to accurately measure the results, and therefore the leads coming from the different means of contact tested. Phase Measurement As an Inbound Marketer, you already have tools to measure.

To events and goals, gives you the keys

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The number of leads generated by your different campaigns and therefore assign these leads to their respective means of contact. Google Analytics, thanks to Europe Email events and goals, gives you the keys to accurately track leads from your forms . For chat , in general, the solutions on the market offer reports to analyze feedback, or even direct integration with Google Analytics to consolidate this data with your global data. Finally for the telephone , a call tracking solution allows you to count the calls generated by your various media, and therefore including your website. You can absolutely use different tracking numbers for A/B testing, or opt for dynamic call tracking to know the pages consulted by your callers.

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