Irvan’s Experience Studying Employee Class at IT PLN

Going to higher education is certainly a dream for everyone. But sometimes, there are those who postpone pursuing higher education because of financial constraints or they still want to find a passion that they want to pursue while working. Studying while working is an alternative for those who haven’t found the passion they want to pursue. This is done in order to be able to choose a major according to the passion that you want to pursue in the future.

So , this time danacita had the opportunity to chat with sena m. Irvan, a professional who finally found his passionwhat he wants to do after work. Come on, let’s see how sena went to college in the class of it pln employees after finding his passion

Irvan’s experience studying employee class at it pln

Who is usually called irvan, is a second semester. Student of the electrical engineering study program. In the pln institute of technology (it pln) employee class. Pln institute of technology (it pln) is a university. In indonesia under the auspices of the pln education. And welfare foundation.

It pln is his choice because of the Panama Phone Number List employee class. Program that can facilitate his needs to be able to pursue higher. Education without having to leave his job. The employee class lecture. Is a lecture program owned by a tertiary institution that is specifically. Designed and held for students who are already working without. Having to leave their jobs.

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Even though the employee class learning process. At it pln is currently still being carried out online.Irvan found no obstacles to being able to study effectively.

This is because the teaching lecturers are very professional in explaining course material.

Apart from the very professional teaching lecturers

Irvan’s decision to study in the pln it employee class was due to the distance the pln it campus was not too far from his home and to pursue Europe Email his passion in electrical engineering. Irvan found this passion after helping his father who worked in the electricity sector at pln.

Realizing the important role of education in deepening his knowledge and skills regarding his passion, irvan finally decided to continue his higher education at it pln.

His experience while studying at it pln was very pleasant.


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