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Approach the organizations directly. A donation and politely inquire about what .It is often thought kind of amount you would also get . A mention and a link among the donors. 8. Give the product or service free of charge .A more common form than direct monetary compensation is to give the company’s physical products or services free of charge. In particular. many bloggers write reviews about these given products on their own pages with a link.

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The challenge is to find suitable africa email list blogs to collaborate with.Number of collaboration requests like this. so be prepar for the fact that many bloggers will either refuse or ask for monetary compensation in exchange for writing. Do this: Map bloggers and sites dealing with your own subject area as closely as possible. Ask if they would be willing to do a review of your product or add a mention and link to a possibly similar existing article. Look for content produc by others. which you supplement with your own link

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africa email list

The following methods are a bit more Europe Email challenging to implement. But often all the more valuable when they work. So the purpose is to find such external content. Such as websites and blog posts. which can be supplement directly with a link to your own website. These tips often also require the use of various paid tools. which help to get information about .How and where the activity is already being written about and on . Which sites links to the search site are already found. 9. Search for articles already found about your activity .It is very possible that someone is already talking about your services. but not linking to your site yet.

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