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Still remember when I studied marketing and they explained to me the first definition of marketing I ever heard in my life. After more than 25 years as a professional and being one of the pioneers in the sector, things have changed a lot until we reach the current definition of . Stay  with me and discover what  is and its advantages with its techniques, strategies, tactics and examples . Do not miss it! You may be interested in: Master in Digital Marketing  What is the digital marketing Digital marketing is a subdivision of marketing, but it has gained so much weight that it has become the marketing model par excellence. For that reason, let’s first look at what exactly.

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The  marketing is a personal definition. Marketing consists of seeking to promote and serve markets . More specifically, search through market research, promote with communication, advertising and PR and serve with distribution channels and customer service. This philosophy is what executive email list defined marketing in the 80s, which is when I studied it. Today, it seems perfectly valid as well as the philosophy of the product manager . I would only change market research for big data and product marketing for Design Thinking , Prototyping, UX and Lean Startup so that marketing and the product travel at the speed of the consumer. What is digital or online marketing As we have mentioned.

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previously, Digital Marketing, also called online marketing or online marketing , is defined as a form of marketing that uses new media and technological and digital advertising channels such as the internet, mobile or IoT. Thanks to the power of technology, it allows you to create Europe Email unique and personalized experiences to measure and record everything that happens with the aim of improving the user experience. So, Digital Marketing, for me, is a radical evolution of marketing thanks to technology that leads us to formulate strategies. These strategies are achieved thanks to personalized products and differentiated messages. Big data and the ability.o.

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