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Apart from conversation class, nlec also provides a jlpt preparation class program for online. This program is specifically for students who do not have enough time to attend regular classes at nlec.

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3. Corporate language training
Nlec provides corporate language training, a program that helps companies improve their employees’ japanese language skills. Especially in work so as to increase productivity in the company.

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Why should you take japanese language training at nlec?

There are lots of advantages that you will get if you take japanese language training at nlec

Good for those of you who have the target of studying or working in japan.

This is because one of the requirements for Georgia Phone Number List continuing education in japan is to have a minimum level of japanese language n3. The use of japanese is also important for establishing business relationships and trust with business partners from japan.

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So , here are some of the advantages that you will get by taking a technology education course at nlec:

1. Best facilities
In order to facilitate the teaching and learning process, nlec provides modern and best facilities so that students are comfortable. Then the existence of a support system can make it easier for students to determine a course plan that is discussed with the education advisor so that they can study optimally and on target.

2. Comprehensive curriculum

Nlec not only provides learning programs for jlpt

But there are also conversation classes and japanese for children. Here students can also learn japanese actively and passively.

3. Quality books and modules
Nlec uses quality books for the Europe Email teaching and learning process. Of course the nlec has observed the book so that it can get quality, useful, and right on target knowledge. There are books specifically for jlpt, conversations, and for learning children.

4. Experienced tutors
Nlec believes that teachers are an important part of the learning process in achieving goals in japanese. So the nlec selects teachers based on academic ability, personality and professionalism. Nlec teachers hold a high japanese language certification of at least jlpt n3.

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