JK Rowling author of Harry Potter is allowed

Disappointed if she writes a bad book because she has been in this field for 20 years.
Saiful Nang is allowed to be disappointed if he produces a bad picture because he is a professional + famous photographer.
Rosnah Mat Aris must be disappointed if she doesn’t succeed in playing the role of a villain effectively because she is a professional evil version actress since.

We are not yet worthy enough to give up.

Disappointment and despair are scary As bitter as Persian cat poop

At the beginning of venturing into something, we Whatsapp Mobile Number List are still in the learning process. We Are Still Growing. We Are Still Building Experience and Skills. However, We Still Do Not Have Enough. Competence and Skills to Feel Disappointed. With Our Performance. We Should Feel Stupid and Not Good. We Often Forget to Give. Ourselves a Little ‘leeway’ When Embarking on an Important Journey in Your Life.

Often the people who get frustrated the most are the ones who

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We Feel Disappointed When We Start a New Career Europe Email but Do Not Perform. As We Should We Feel Frustrated When We Have. Set a Diet Goal to Lose Weight but Fail to Achieve. It We Get Frustrated When We Try to Start a Business. For the First Time and It Fails We Get Frustrated When. We Write the First Book (or Blog Post) but No One Reads It. We Feel Discouraged When We Have Proposed a Very Good Idea to Someone, but He Doesn’t Even Care.

But the start is supposed to be a struggle.

In fact, it’s all supposed to be a struggle.

Initial hardship for future ease.

Just read the success stories of successful entrepreneurs, they all started with hardships. Difficulty is closely related to success.

Adly Mukhtar , Robert Kiyosaki and Richard Branson, even Prophet Muhamad SAW himself, saw failure as a signal to start the process over, – not as an excuse to give up in frustration.

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