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Entering the world of work from an early age is a challenge, but receptive to those who commit. Internship and apprenticeship programs emerge as two gateways. With a focus on providing opportunities for young people in situations of social vulnerability, the learning plan has been in force since the Vargas Era. However, it lacks publicity. According to data collected by the Ministry of Economy, there are only 461 thousand people in this condition. Do you want to discover the main methods of accessing the project and join the 5.2% of students in Brazil? Follow the content below and go in search of your work portfolio Check list Before exploring the differences in depth, it is necessary to keep in mind the two basic points necessary to carry out this activity: age group and education. According to Law 10,097, enacted in December 2000, to be part of the apprenticeship program.

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If, by chance, the individual has a disability (PCD), the imposed age limit is suspended. Moreover, it is necessary to warn those who attend primary and secondary education to – under no circumstances – leave the teaching organization during the contract period, with the exception of the conclusion of the course. Otherwise, you run the risk of being fired. In addition to the essential conditions, it is worth highlighting other Australia WhatsApp Number List questions that are frequently asked by the general public. A priori, higher education students, with the appropriate age, can also participate in the program. In fact, graduation ensures your right to work on the project. The objective is precisely to encourage the younger population to remain in the classrooms. Therefore, being affiliated with a teaching entity proves to be an extremely welcome requirement.

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It offers students opportunity, promoting responsibility, making room for innovation and initiating the first step towards their training and skills improvement”, she points out. Pros of young learning In addition to admission doubts, there are a series of nebulous points, which confuse the kids. Many candidates question whether there is any type of fee to be charged for joining the function. The answer is short Europe Email and relieving: no. On the contrary, registering and participating are two acts that are strictly free. Once within this function, the individual only has to gain – even monetarily. Those who hire, pay for their responsibilities. So don’t get confused anymore and try to embrace these chances. Another point constantly addressed is the advantages acquired. “Using the program, kids aged 14 to 24 have the chance to work in technical and administrative areas.

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