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To continue their education, of course, everyone wants to study and acquire knowledge at a quality and well-accredited university, especially when continuing higher education.

Not only state universities (ptn) are qualified, there are also many private universities (pts) whose quality is not inferior to ptn, one of which is sampoerna university.

So, if you want to experience college like in american universities, it seems you don’t have to go there. This time, danacita would like to introduce you to pmb sampoerna university which offers american – style higher education programs .

About sampoerna university

Sampoerna university is an international standard university and is the only university in indonesia that offers an american – style educational Taiwan Phone Number List program experience according to american curriculum, faculty, facilities and operational standards as well as combined academic programs in the indonesian context. Sampoerna university is part of the sampoerna schools system of indonesia .

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Education programs at sampoerna university operate under the license and credential authority of the indonesian ministry of education and culture (kemendikbud). The establishment of sampoerna university aims to meet educational standards at the national and international levels in order to make a substantive contribution to society through education.

According to its official website

Sampoerna university is not just a campus for studying, you know, but also a learning community that prepares students to be successful both Europe Email academically and professionally. This is because students will not only study to achieve academic success, but students will also be challenged to be able to think, show and grow in order to achieve success.

Sampoerna university has also officially collaborated with the university of arizona to offer a dual degree program that allows students at sampoerna university to study for 4 years in jakarta under the us curriculum and graduate with 2 degrees, one bachelor’s degree from the us from the university of arizona and a bachelor’s degree (strata 1) from sampoerna university.


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