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According to a survey on Customer Experience (CX), developed by Gartner, there has never been so much investment in this aspect. More than 80% of companies believe they compete based on experience, while 90% hold a senior leadership position responsible for CX alone . Therefore, it is clear how the subject gains focus and is a great differential for successful companies, especially those with interns, apprentices and permanent employees. In this sense, stay inside and discover valuable tips! Why is it critical to focus on the employee experience? In recent decades, corporations have notice how fundamental the experience of their customers is to be well regarded. Now, the notion returns to how much your employees also need to be satisfie, as one of the main factors capable of driving results.

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For Frederico Lacerda, founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Pin People, this theme is essential. “This will allow organizations to increase their capacity to attract, engage and retain talent”, he commented. Still, he brings an author to contextualize even more. “In the book ‘The Employee Experience Advantage’, Jacob Morgan found how companies in the top quartile of his EX Index, when compared to Denmark WhatsApp Number List those in the bottom quartile, have 7x more ability to innovate, 2x more revenue, 40% less turnover and 7x more ease in attracting people”. Thus, it is possible to note the importance of focusing on cooperators to succeed in the business. This is also the bet of Eduardo Prazeres, Human Resources (HR) executive at SoftwareOne. “A welcoming and empathetic corporate culture, capable of seeing employees far beyond professional performance, but as complete individuals, with individualized needs and desires,” he explained.

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How to improve the Employee Experience

Read too:the employee’s experience counts a lot for success. After all, what is Employee Experience (EX)? In short, the classic definition of EX was inherite from CX : it is the sum of the aspects involve, how they do, see and feel their relationship with a company. So it’s a simple characterization. “It can be summarize as ‘the sum of everything experience along the journey’, that is, from your first point of contact in the selection Europe Email process until our last day of work”, contextualize the founder of Pin People. Therefore, acting with this perspective means investing in understanding and acting in all aspects of dialogue involved. “Another way to think about EX is to reflect on its relationship to Employee Engagement . As we already know, several studies show that people who are more engaged at work are more productive, perform better and stay with the organization longer”, added Lacerda.

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