Lecture Experience at Pembangunan Jaya University

Hurin ainin nabila is a student of the. Psychology study program at pembangunan. Jaya university (upj) class of 2021. Nabila, who is currently. Entering her second semester of lectures, shared stories about her. Experience studying at the psychology study. Program at pembangunan jaya university (upj), her future. Aspirations future and experience using danacita.

Even though currently the lecture program .Still has to be done online , nabila doesn’t feel there are any obstacles. In getting knowledge. According to nabila, online learning makes. It easier for her to be able to attend lectures in a relaxed. Manner because they are attended at home. But nabila also felt that internet connection. Problems and lack of direct interaction with friends. Meant that the lecture experience was not being felt optimally.

In the future nabila hopes that the current pandemic

Will allow lectures to be conducted in a hybrid

However, this online learning process. Remains effective because the role of the. Teaching lecturers is very communicative Italy Phone Number List and always. On time, so that online lectures are very enjoyable to follow.

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There are several reasons why nabila chose. To continue her tertiary education at pembangunan jaya (upj), including. The reputation of pembangunan jaya (upj) which is known. To have quality that is not. Inferior to ptn and the distance of the upj campus. Which is not far from her home location

After completing his undergraduate education. At the jaya development psychology study. Program (upj), nabila had the desire to have a career. As a guidance and counseling teacher (bk).

This is due to nabila’s experience of seeing her inspirational

Counseling teacher before continuing her. Education at pembangunan jaya (upj) who was. Able to get close to the students and  Europe Email become a trusted. Storyteller to help the development of her friends.

Apart from actively participating in lecture. Activities at pembangunan jaya (upj), nabila is also a member. Of the sahabat danacita program. Through the danacita friends program, nabila has. The experience of getting to know friends from. Other universities who are members of the danacita friends. Program, participating in soft skill development. Programs through webinar programs. And contributing to increasing access to education in indonesia.

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