The keys to making money with your blog and living from it

Is it possible The keys to make money by creating content and publishing it on a blog? The answer is yes”. Can you win quickly? The answer is no”. I have tried everything that I am going to explain to you below and I assure you that it works. I myself left my job as a digital marketing manager at an advertising agency in 2014 to live off the income my blog generates. In previous articles we have seen how to create a blog, how to create content and how to attract visitors. Today we go one step further and I am going to explain different strategies that will help you make money with a blog.

How do I know if I can The keys make money with a blog

Earning money through advertising is the most common category email list formula but perhaps the least recommended. Personally, I am horrified by blogs that are a showcase for Google Adsense ads. You have to “move away” the ads to be able to read the content. This, whether we like it or not, takes away a lot of credibility. But hey, it’s a valid option. If you want to earn money like this, you just have to create an account on Google Adsense. Another option is to have different spaces on the blog where you can insert banners from advertising companies. In these cases, the price is set by the blog author based on web traffic, authority or the theme of the site. In addition to the blog itself, you can also include advertising spaces in your newsletter. Whether you choose one option or another, the ideal is not to saturate your content with advertising.

Sale of professional services

Another strategy to generate income from Europe Email the content we publish on a blog is through the sale of our professional services. This is valid for very different profiles: lawyers, doctors, marketing consultants, journalists, chefs, etc.It is not about exposing the list of services offered on the blog, but about writing valuable articles, which demonstrate that you have knowledge and experience on a topic. And in the last paragraph, by way of closing, invite readers to contact you if they need help or advice regarding the topic presented.

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