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In addition to hosting itself, the hosting company must provide you with certain services to keep your content safe: anti-hacking tools, backups, certificates, emails, etc. Hosting type As I mentioned above, hosting is a space within the server, which means it has or can have a( limit. Depending on the space you rent, there are different types of hosting: Shared Hosting is the most common type of hosting and one that most people use.

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With this type, you will have space in the server. This way, multiple websites can be hosted on a   latest database  single server, allowing users to view a variety of. Almost all use shared hosting. The more sites hosted by the provider on the same server, the more performance issues you may experience, as a website with a lot of traffic and activity on the server can have a negative impact on the performance of all websites.

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This is a common occurrence for over-saturated hosts, which in many cases can lead. A  to slowness and crashes because they all share the same resources. This type of shared hosting solution is usually enough to meet the needs of most websites. If your site is growing a lot, you should consider changing to another, more robust plan. Benefits: Perfect for small  Europe Email  businesses. You don’t need much technical knowledge. Easy-to-use control panel( is usually ) in quality hosting. The server is pre-configured by the provider. You do not have to perform server maintenance and administration.

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