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Social media Share When you put your soul into content and post it on social media , anticipation starts bubbling up inside. Will it go viral? Will users like it enough to share the content? These are the Steps to make most frequent doubts of those who invest in blogs. However, many times the reception of the post is not exactly what we expected, resulting in such frustration that paralyzes agencies and clients with full force. Want more control over your posts? If so, it’s time to discover the true power of social metadata . What is metadata? Metadata (metadata) is the combination of keywords and phrases. That describe the contents of a given web page or, to be more exact.

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With the aim of optimizing it, you’ve already edit a metadata. Most metadata cannot be easily seen by readers and visitors, but it is detect and read by other websites and tools. The social metadata of a post is Hong Kong Phone Numbers List specifically designate so social networks can detect and read it. It determines how your content will appear when someone shares the post on one of these profiles. For example, Facebook reads the metadata to determine which image will appear when the post is shared. As well as defining how the image will be cropp and which words will appear in the post title. 3 steps to manipulate metadata and do well on social media 1st: install a WordPress plugin that allows editing social metadata The first option that comes to mind is Yoast SEO.


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To install it, just click on “Plugins” in the WordPress menu, then on “add new. Search for Yoast SEO and activate. 2nd: configure Yoast SEO for social metadata The next step is to go to the plugin settings to Europe Email view and edit the social metadata of all pages and posts on the site. To do this, click on SEO > Social in the WordPress dashboard. The next time you publish a new post, check the settings for each social network by going to the Yoast section below the text box. Then just click on the “Social” tab and make the requested changes. 3rd: Check your work and make sure everything is easily shareable .  The probability of being left aside and not being shared is immense.

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