Must Have in Your CV When Applying

Problem-solving or problem-solving skills are one of the soft skills that are important to have in the work environment. Just like when you are trying to solve exam questions or analyze a theory in the scope of lectures, this skill can also be Must Have in Your CV  applied in the office when facing an obstacle or problem with a co-worker.

There are 7 stages that can be followed to start growing this one skill :

Identification of problems
Problem analysis
Explaining the problem
Finding the root of the problem
Get alternative solutions
Implement solutions
Measuring the results of solutions
Critical thinking
Like problem solving, by thinking critically we can hone creativity and open-mindedness skills . With this skill you will be wiser in dealing with a problem or question.

Pay attention and be able to provide a different perspective

and be aware of what is happening around you. In fact, critical thinkers are often great problem solvers too.

Flexibility describes an individual who Argentina Phone Number List can adapt to a changing environment and is also wiser in dealing with difficulties and stress levels. With blows and stay firm in the face of stress. Flexibility is a Must Have in Your CV  much-needed skill—especially in the startup industry, where things can change at any time.

Communication skills

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The most important communication skill is not speaking but being assessed when we are silent.

Communication is learning to listen, gathering information and knowledge, then conveying it in a structured way.

Good communication is regular, concise, and clear. Communication is very important, especially during this wfh era. Communication requires mutual respect, adaptability, and an open mind.

In all work environments, teamwork is essential every day.

From dealing with organizational or personal problems, it will likely take more than one person to implement a long-term solution. This is where teamwork comes into play.

To be a good problem solver in a work environment


Great teamwork requires almost all of the skill elements mentioned above. Good teamwork requires an open mind and effective listening and communication skills.

Being part of a team also means being Must Have in Your CV  able to motivate others, and being adept at giving and receiving constructive criticism and knowing when to give praise when needed.

Creativity is another important soft Europe Email skill that turns out to be more important than most of us realize. Although it is often associated with creative roles such as writer and creative designer, creativity should be shared by all.

Because many problems in the workplace can be abstract or novel and require creative solutions. But keep in mind, creative solutions are not the same as “easy” solutions.

Creative thinking is arguably an ability to find innovative ways for the future. Creatives bring unique perspectives, alternative solutions, and productive new directions to departments and companies.



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