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Therefore, Prima International Tourism Polytechnic or commonly known as Poltekpar Prima is a tourism campus founded by the Prima Ardian Tana Foundation which focuses on tourism. Prima Ardian Tana Foundation is a legal non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) engaged in the social, educational and cultural fields.

The Prima Poltekpar itself was established on October 30 2018 in accordance with the Ministry of Research and Technology’s decision letter (SK) number 945/KPT/I/2018 and Higher Education code 045044. The establishment of the Prima Poltekpar marks the first private tourism polytechnic to be established in West Java province.

KKNI-Based Curriculum & has fulfilled the ASEAN MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement)
Internationally experienced Professional Lecturers & Instructors
Complete Facilities
PRAKERIN or Working Abroad
60% Practice, 40% Theory

Have National and International Cooperation

For complete information about facilities at Poltekpar Prima, visit the official website for Poltekpar Prima here

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Faculties and Departments at Poltekpar Prima
If you want to study at Poltekpar Prima, you can choose a variety of excellent study programs in the major tourism sector. Here is a list of 3 excellent  Bolivia Phone Number List study programs that you can choose at Poltekpar Prima.

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Bachelor of Applied (D4) Hospitality Management
Learning in the Hospitality Management study program uses a curriculum compiled. Therefore, based on the KKNI and meets the ASEAN MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) on Tourism Professionals standards, and includes competency standards in the tourism sector ACCSTP (ASEAN Common Competency Standards for Tourism Professionals) and CATC (Common ASEAN Tourism). Curriculum) according to MRA standards.

Bachelor of Applied (D4) Convention & Event Management (MICE)

Therefore, In the convention and event management (mice) study. Program, you will learn about how to make an event. Plan which includes (1) planning Europe Email program event. Ideas and concepts, (2) promotion planning through. Various media efforts, (3) event financial planning, ( d) planning for. Supporting resources, and (4) risk planning.

Diploma three (d3) hospitality.
Therefore, In this hospitality study program, students are expected. To be able to independently and in groups provide. Excellent service in hotel operations (hotel front office, Therefore, housekeeping. Baking and pastry management), food. Management (culinary art) and serving according to five-star hotel. Standards. With attention to occupational safety and health.


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