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 The process of transformation. The next wave of change in the business world is not simply about developing digital capabilities independently, but about laying the foundation for a new reality. A hybrid reality that combines our physical existence in the material world with our digital life in the virtual world . The goal is not to implement gradual improvements step. By step  it is focused on carrying. Out a radical transformation The true value of this convergence lies.  The creation of something completely innovative In this article we will learn .What the trends are in digital businesses. In according to Verónica Ponte , Digital Transformation Analyst at MRM McCann and professor.

Innovation and creation

Digital School  Digital trends The integration of digital and physical is not limited to the generation of new products and services , it also drives a new New trends in era in scientific research. Leaders are developing new tools that will revolutionize the way the world operates. Almost imperceptibly, digital executive data identity is driving the next wave of technological revolution . New trends in digital business – people generating images using artificial intelligence laptop 1 1024×683 Therefore, the importance is that the notion of a reliable and portable digital identity challenges many traditional ideas. Visionaries understand.

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Current trends

Everyone, known as “strong digital identity.” The role of data In parallel with efforts to implement a strong digital identity, there is also an emerging need to rethink the role of these identities: how data related to them is created and linked, how data is shared and managed, and Europe Email  how information is distributed. responsibility for this data throughout the ecosystem . As we move towards a data ecosystem based on value and consent (rather than current control), companies must be prepared for disruptions to the flow of data. However, technology is only part of the solution. Leaders should.

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