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Yuda is a study program student majoring in electromedical engineering who is currently entering his 8th semester at mh thamrin university (umht). Mh thamrin university (umht) is a private university under the mh thamrin jakarta hospital foundation educational institution.

Before studying at the study program majoring in electromedical engineering at mh thamrin university, yuda had previously studied at a private university in the pamulang area. However, as time went on, yuda felt that this was not the path of choice he wanted to continue because of his interest in learning more about electronic devices and also seeing one of his siblings exploring electronic equipment. This made him interested and wanted to try, finally yuda decided to study at mh thamrin university (umht).

Finally yuda enrolled at mh thamrin university umht

for a study program majoring in electromedical engineering.

One of the reasons why yuda wanted to Peru Phone Number List study. At the study program majoring in electromedical engineering. Was because the majors offered were fields of study. That were still relatively rare in indonesia.

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Apart from that, the thing that convinced yuda to study. At mh thamrin university (umht) was the reputation of mh thamrin. University (umht), a study program majoring in electromedical. Engineering that had received b accreditation less than 4 years after. The opening of the study program majoring in electromedical. Engineering at mh thamrin university umht.

According to yuda there are 3 types of professional fields

that can be a focus in the electromedical department of mh thamrin university (umht) after graduating from college, namely calibration, maintenance, and sales marketing. Because of his interest in electronic devices, yuda decided to focus on a career in the maintenance of medical devices.

Danacita: funding solutions at Europe Email mh thamrin university (umht)
In a pandemic like today, the cost of education is one of the factors that is an obstacle to continuing higher education. This is also experienced by yuda, who is currently entering his 8th semester.

As someone who has to live independently independently, yuda is finally looking for solutions to finance tuition fees at mh thamrin university (umht) which can be paid monthly. Until finally, yuda received information through the deputy director of mh thamrin university (umht) that there was an option to pay tuition fees that were affordable and on a monthly basis through the danacita installment program.


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