Often the projects developed are just as or more relevant

The interview helps a lot in the selection”, says the specialist. Prepare and be successful in selection processes According to data from the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD), from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the unemployment rate of the population reached 8.8% of Brazilians. One of the most affected groups in this context are young people, raising even more concern and insecurity during the job interview. At these times, it is common for nervousness and anxiety to interfere with performance, in addition to the lack of extra courses and qualifications. To help overcome these issues and perform well, some tips can be of enormous help. Check out: Research about the corporation and vacancy: knowing about the position is crucial not only to pass the process, but to analyze whether the position is ideal.

It is essential to research

Find out about the chance, if the location is viable for you and your routine. All of this can make you feel more secure and avoid future frustrations”, says Wandreza Bayona, executive director of Instituto Ser+. Bet on soft skills : the term describes behavioral skills that can contribute to getting a job. “Highlight your characteristics, if you are good at solving problems, have creative and ‘out of the box’ thinking, if you Bahamas WhatsApp Number List like and have ease in working in a team, if you are organized with deadlines and time management, through experiences of the day portraying and with the power to enhance talent”, explains the executive. Be punctual: especially with the changes in technology brought about by the pandemic, many establishments have opted for a virtual chat. Others still prefer face-to-face contact, but regardless of the format, be prepared and don’t be late.

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Unforeseen circumstances happen

In addition to not being good for a first impression, being late can make the candidate more nervous. So, research the way, leave home early, if it’s online , check the link and connection. This will help you stay more focused and increase your chances of doing well”, he points out. Keep calm: especially in the first selection processes, anxiety, shyness and nervousness can get in the way. “It is very common, it happens to Europe Email most people. Sleeping well the night before, eating before leaving the house, taking a bottle of water, can help control yourself”, comments the manager. Be yourself: lying about your skills or selling something different from the truth is a bad strategy and can tarnish your name before the institution. “Present what you really can offer. Self-knowledge is fundamental at this time, as it helps to highlight strengths and those to be develop.

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