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Learn how to delete old tweets without having to delete your Twitter account. How to delete all old (old) tweets by date and in bulk. Do it like this, with some of the tools that I will show you in this post. Do you need to optimize your Twitter account and delete retweets en masse without having to do it one by one? Then this post is for you. Imagine that you have a very active profile on Twitter and you have shared more than 50k tweets or you have been on this social network since 2014, like me, and you have thousands of tweets and retweets that no longer contribute anything except being a number. Or that you are looking for a job and you don’t want them to see those less recommendable tweets, whether about sports, political opinions or other topics.

How to delete all old tweets

Or you simply want to optimize email database your profile, removing those tweets that no longer contribute or rts from months or years ago. How do you do it? Do you go one by one. It is an option, and perhaps it is the safest because you can look at the ones that interest you one by one or not delete them. But, if you are short on time or in a hurry to delete all the old tweets, that option is not worth it. For this reason, I have been looking at many tools to delete tweets and I will tell you about those that have convinced me the most, such. among others. All of this in a few minutes and without having to buy tools to carry out this task.

email database

Old tweets manually

So I think you will like this post Europe Email on how to massively delete all tweets from your Twitter profile at once. How to delete old tweets manually How to delete all old tweets in bulk Video tutorial. Free tools to delete old tweets Conclusion How to delete old tweets manually If you don’t know how to delete a tweet and you want to delete old tweets manually you have to: how to delete old tweets manually 1st Enter your Twitter profile 2nd Go to the tweet you want to delete and click on the arrow as you see in the image 3º Go down to where it says  and click. A new window will open where you will have to click on “Delete ” how to delete tweets manually I think you knew this, but if you’re starting to use Twitter.

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