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Therefore, the proportion taken into account is 40% for the first and 60% for the second, according to Aline Sousa, specialist in people management and graduate professor in internal marketing and employer branding management at Unyleya . “The technical aspect can be learned quickly, the emotional aspect takes much longer to be perfect”, she explains. The human appreciation coming with the tech expansion Mainly after the expansion of Covid-19, the labor market has undergone a great advance in digitization, with the creation of new software , Artificial Intelligence and, more recently, ChatGPT. Faced with this transformation, however, humanize relationships have received increasing attention and prominence. In this sense, in a world gradually dominated by technology, soft skills are highly value.

The theme began to be debate through

The World Economic Forum, which launched, in the early 2000s, a study called World of Talent. He was warning of the accelerated growth of the economy and a possible ‘talent war’ possibly faced by companies, mainly in the face of a professional blackout in certain areas. Amidst the disclosure of the analysis, the entity also warned about the lack of preparation coming from many individuals for the imminent Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List tech impasses , highlighting the growth of AI. In addition, he emphasized how many governments and associations showed concern in listing the necessary skills for a more present social role by firms, aiming at an internal scope, such as corporate training. “Companies need to prepare their workforce for the challenges ahead. Today, there are three great intelligences in the area, highlighting the importance of resilience.

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Another concept adapting to the organizational

Environment is that the motivation part starts within the contractor and no longer. Just receives incentives from outside, from the leadership. “Intellects must start from the leader, reflecting on how to more efficient from. Self-management combine with analytical thinking”, says the specialist. All these skills refer to the execution of demands with a view to improving performance in terms of business. The advantages Europe Email allied to this are numerous, being able to come out ahead. In relation to competitors and, mainly, to count on the execution of tasks well aligned with the strategic planning. Did you like the text? Watch TV Nube and check out our articles on the blog, posted every day with exclusive content. Also follow us on social networks, we are present on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Threads, Linkedin, TikTok and Youtube with incredible posts.

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