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Well as pursuing relatd rights or claims, takes place on the basis of consent given in the form of a member’s statement KZP, authorizd person or guarantor. The Act on Loan and Assistance Funds defines the rules for creating, organizing and operating a loan and assistance fund at the employer’s and its liquidation. The aim […]

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A generic level. A good example of the ATL marketing approach is a nationwide or even global television advertising campaign. The same ad is shown nationwide to all viewers, meaning people from all demographics. This strategy is a good way to promote your brand, but it’s hard to measure the exact impact and return on […]

What Are the Best Ways for Us to Be Productive

As I have mentioned above that the definition of Productivity = Focus x Energy x Time (toward a beneficial goal). After taking into account the Islamic view of productivity, this concept can be expanded to: Productivity = Focus x Energy x Time (Towards Maximizing Rewards in the Hereafter) This definition will ensure our actions and […]

What Does Productivity Really Mean

What is the Definition of Productivity? Simply put, productivity is more output than input:  That is how much return we get from what we invest. It is a measure of a person’s ability to complete a task. For example: If we put in three hours to complete a task that should take six hours to […]

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Collaborative consumption has change the distribution of power due to the fact that consumers play a prosumer role. Therefore, the task of appropriating values ​​in the sharing economy seems to be particularly difficult. The USP of the product, or how to make it stand out December 9, 2020 Commplace PR agency A product USP is […]

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The color of the call-to-action button is to make the CTA stand out. So potential customers know right away where exactly they nee to click to take action. Test the CTA button. As with ad text and other marketing content, it’s important that your CTAs are effective. How to check? By conducting A/B tests, comparing […]

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However, without an establishe plan to monitor the results of advertising campaigns, it will not be possible to prove that the ads are effective. You nee to have a list of advertising metrics – a kind of checklist – that are checke regularly so that you can adjust your campaigns as neee. GRP should be […]

Form of an  extended customer survey

What does it give us? Lower costs of acquiring a valuable customer. So what about the credibility of the recommendation. The NPS survey has become a permanent feature in our country as the main survey measuring satisfaction. It has its supporters and opponents. On the one hand, the advantage of NPS over traditional loyalty research […]

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Click Advanc measurement Look for the option to add. A list of unwant referrers.List of unwant referrers Select a match type. In the Domain section, enter the matching domain ID (. example). To add another domain, click Add condition. Click Save.List of unwant referrers In this way, you can add all the domains that you […]

All you have to do is right click and select view

What does the meta description look like? Examples Below you will find some examples. Meta description example example Example meta description example Meta description example example Example meta description example Why should I set a meta description? If you don’t write and set a meta description, Google will… do it for you . What’s more, […]