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Did you know that DKV majors are really needed by many companies today? Especially now that everything is digital.

Now, this time, Danacita had the opportunity to chat with one of the 2018 DKV students majoring in Paramadina University, Marcella Junior.

Marcella Junior is a student of the Visual Communication Design

Study program at Paramadina University, class of 2018. Marcella, who is currently entering her 7th semester, shared stories with the Danacita team Bahrain Phone Numbers List about her college experience in the DKV study program and her future goals.

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Starting lectures in 2018 before the pandemic occurred, Marcella shared the difference between face-to-face and online lectures. When the lecture process is carried out face-to-face, Marcella can interact directly with the lecturer or her friends. Apart from interacting with her colleagues, Marcella also felt that face-to-face lectures made it easier to understand the material explained by the lecturer.

Marcella chose to study DKV at Paramadina

University because there were several advantages. Among the advantages he gets is that the campus building is located close to his house, so he doesn’t incur too many transportation costs. Apart from that, according to him, the scope at Paramadina University was quite small so he did not feel any seniority or juniors. The main reason he chose the DKV major was because there were no math courses, so this could make him more flexible in pursuing his interests

According to Marcella, she feels Europe Email more comfortable doing lectures online. This is because the pandemic period is a bit worrying and makes it more cost effective. But, he still goes to campus when there are courses that require face-to-face classes.

Marcela aspires to work according to the field she is currently engaged in. This is because, he currently has a project, namely creating an agency to help SMEs progress. Apart from that, Marcella also has the desire to continue her Masters degree after she graduates from college.

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