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Or other factors convert 202 % more than generic ctas. 7. Take advantage of live chat live chat can be another powerful resource for generating leads directly on the homepage. In fact. Research indicates that not only are 38% of customers more likely to purchase from websites that offer live chat. But 63 % are also more likely to return to that site. Among businesses that have implement. Live chat. 79% have seen an increase in sales and revenue. While chatbots can handle much of the live chat workload.

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Effective when the customer support team is incorporat. To resolve more complex questions or requests. Thanks to the live chat integrat. Into the website home page structure. Potential B2b Email List customers can get all the answers they ne. Without ever having to click on another page. Live chat can further aid lead generation efforts by encouraging users to sch.ule a call with a service representative. And best of all. Since chat tools are available 24/7 . They allow you to generate leads at any time. The homepage can (and should) be much more than a placeholder to encourage visitors to click on to other pages to learn more about the company. If set up correctly. It can be an unstoppable lead generation tool.

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To visit other pages on your company website. By maximizing your sales potential with an efficient website home page structure. You will be able to generate Europe Email more quality leads and transform your company website into a true digital sales powerhouse. If you think you ne. Help setting up your homepage effectively. Contact one of our experts. Request a free. No-obligation consultation now. New call-to-action b2b lead generation | b2b digital marketing | lead management | company website & uxlead scoring is a tool that more and more companies decide to integrate into their marketing strategies.

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