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That is why, in this post we are going to see what IP is and how to know if my IP is public or private. A few days ago I was talking to my father and he asked me about an Internet issue and I told him: “for that you have to know what your IP is…”. And he asks me: “IP? What is this IP address? Oysters, and at that moment I realized that not everyone knows terms that may be simple or basic for us. For example, if my father talks to me about terms related to his work specialty.

What is IP address

I believe that a blog is not only for email leads writing about our “thoughts and strategies”, but is also a tool for informing and explaining concepts, I decided to write this post. Simple and short but I hope it will be useful for those looking to know what IP is, their public IP address, protect their IP or how to know the IP of my PC. Post contents [ Hide ] What is IP? Is my IP address dynamic or static? What is my public IP? Infographic: What is a public and private IP address What is IP? What is an IP address? An IP address is a number that uniquely and unrepeatablely identifies a network interface of any device (computer, mobile phone, router, television, etc.

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Dynamic or static

Connected to it that uses the IP Europe Email protocol (Internet Protocol), so that it can be called by other devices. These IP addresses can be public or private. What is the IP for? The IP is used so that one device can communicate with another. Without an IP, devices cannot communicate with each other. What is a public IP address and a private IP address? As I said before, IP addresses can be public or private. The public IP address is a unique number that identifies our network from the outside. The private IP address is a unique number that identifies a device connected to our internal network. Public and private IP addresses are built in four numerical blocks.

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