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 As a gift you get this Ebook from. The Community Manager Claudio. Its legal basis is the consent of the interested party.  You have the right to access. what is my IP are questions that many people ask themselves every day. Those of us who are involved in the Internet are clear about it. Who use the Internet as a hobby and they do not know these types of terms or ignore them. YouTube channel. Where I will talk about my entire blogging journey. In my blog diary. Positive things, negative things, fears, professional doubts, psychological and mental doubts. Successes and everything that a person who decides to create a blog can possibly go through.

IPv4 address

As explained in the additional top people data information.  Whose headquarters are located within the territory of the EU. You can consult additional and detailed information on Data Protection at this link. The IPv4 address is a public IP address. A number made up of four groups of numbers as explained above. From 0 to 255 and separated by periods.A few days ago I was talking to my father and he asked me about an Internet issue and I told him: “for that you have to know what your IP is…”.And he asks me: “IP? What is this IP address? I realized that not everyone knows terms that may be simple or basic for us.  About our.  I decided to write this post. 

top people data

 Private IP

Oysters and at that moment I realized Europe Email that not everyone knows terms that may be simple or basic for us. Our devices connected through the router. Is my IP address dynamic or static. Public IP addresses can be dynamic or static. A static. IP address does not change over time. And to finish the post, and to answer my father J’s question. What is my IP address. Or better yet, how can you find out what your public IP is? I leave you a simple way to know.

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