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The final assessment has a very large impact on the next steps of the administrator in handling the violation. If the breach causes a mdium risk of violating the rights and fredoms, the controller is obligd to notify the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection of the incident within 72 hours from the moment of finding the breach. This is a very short period that requires the administrator to act immdiately and manage the incident.

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If, during the assessment of the breach, the controller finds a high risk to the rights and fredoms of the data subject, an additional obligation whatsapp mobile number list will be to notify the data subject of the breach of his personal data. How to properly notify the data subject? What should you remember? What does PUODO pay attention to? About it below.

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Notification of the data subject From the experience of working as a. Data Protection Officer, I must say that during correspondence Europe Email with PUODO regarding the reportd breach, one of the most frequent objections of the Office is the way of notifying data subjects. PUODO usually orders the data subject to be notifid again, pointing to numerous shortcomings during the first communication with the person whose data has been breachd. As a general rule, the notification should be made directly to the data subject.

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