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Competition escalation In addition, we look at our Product Excellence. Competition’s sales prices and analyze the margin. We could obtain with our supplier. An ideal margin is 30-35% , but in tangible terms I like to ensure a minimum of $20-25 clean per purchase after product, shipping and advertising expenses. Sales test For this factor, it used Amazon in the case of the United States, or Mercado Libre in the case of countries in Latin America . It is simple. We seek to know if the product sells well in the country in which I want to launch it. When searching we see that there are several sellers with more than 9,000 sales and if we go to the reviews we see if they are from the country in which I am looking to sell.

Income will come Product Excellence during the winter

That means that in that culture it is a category email list product with demand and awareness of the product. Sales testSales test Evergreen This point is simple, I like to sell products all year round so as not to fall into that roller coaster of instability. For example, if we sell snow boots we can see in the graph that it is not stable during the year, but that our income will come during the winter. Winter product trend In the case of the blanket, we see that the largest amount of sales will come in winter, so this factor would not be met. However, we can find a variant that is made of cool fabric for the summer, thus trying to have demand throughout the year.

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Everything about the solution we are selling

Product trend Information and content for Europe Email Marketing This factor is quick to validate; As we saw in the first phase, we focused on communities. The idea is to understand the pain points, the problem the product solves, and everything about the solution we are selling. Product information in communities As we see in the image, there are many threads in different communities about this product and its benefits. Therefore, we will have aware clients who are easier to convince with the right message. As for content, we mean photos and videos about the product that we can use when creating our store and our ads.

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