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Looking for solutions in communities At this point we already understand what insomnia is and what causes it, now we are looking for Product Industry specific solutions and which one works best. Among the comments we found several tips that talk about the “weighted blanket”, and that it is the best solution because it helps with anxiety and stress at night. To validate the competition of this product I would look for “best product X for solution X” , “product X vs product Y” , “Is product X worth it?” , “why should I get a product? ” Validating the competition At this point that we have found our potential product, a weighted blanket, we move on to looking for the best type of weighted blanket that exactly fits our needs .

Once I know the Product Industry problems and the solution

With this process we find: Problems The top industry data products The desired solution Thanks to this search we will have all the information necessary to activate mechanisms that take a person from unconscious to conscious of a problem, and then to conscious of a solution. Once I know the problems and the solution, that’s where I start looking for a product, because the product is really just a bridge to go from the problem to the solution. At this point we should have a list of products that we chose through this process. How do you know which one is worth testing and has a greater chance of being a winner? Well, here comes my validation list .

Points in a more developed way

The product must meet 7 key factors Europe Email Do you have searches. And keywords to attack? Suppliers with margin? Escalated? Sales test. Is it evergreen? Information in communities and material for Marketing. High perceived value. Let’s see each of these 7 points in a more developed way. Do you have searches and keywords. Continuing with the example of the weighted blanket. To sleep better, let’s do a quick analysis of the niche and its keywords in the country. I want to attack. In this example let’s say it is the United States.

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