Programs and Japanese Language Course Fees at NLEC in 2022

Northern lights education center (nlec) is a course education institution that provides quality japanese language learning programs. Nlec itself is part of a multinational company based in japan. As a japanese language course educational institution, nlec has a mission to be able to help indonesian people achieve their future goals through japanese language education.

Nlec officially opened a japanese language study course program in indonesia for the first time in bandung in 2013. Then opened a 2nd branch in jakarta in 2018. Since 2013, nlec has provided training in japanese language programs to help indonesians get jobs and continue their education in japan.

To realize this mission, nlec has implemented a curriculum

Specifically designed by experts to support the teaching and learning process. To date, nlec has helped more than 2,000 students achieve their goals of learning japanese and helped more than 200 students study in japan.

The advantage of nlec compared to other japanese language course institutions is that it has partnerships with national  Finland Phone Number List companies, japanese companies, and multinational companies. So that job opportunities after graduating from the japanese language study program at nlec will be wide open for you.

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Nlec is also the first japanese language training center in jakarta and bandung which has complete and modern facilities, which will help the smoothness and effectiveness of the learning process. Nlec believes that conducive learning conditions and supports the learning process will bring the best results for students. This is evidenced by the total capacity in one class filled by a maximum of 8 students.

Nlec provides a variety of japanese language training programs

With a variety of options. Starting from offline language school, japanese online learning, to corporate language training specifically for Europe Email employees. Following are the details of the course programs at nlec:

Offline language school
The offline language school program at nlec consists of three classes. Namely jlpt preparation, conversation class (kaiwa), and japanese for kids.

Jlpt preparation
The japanese-language proficiency test (jlpt) was developed in japan and has become a standard for japanese language competency certification worldwide since 1984. Certification is generally required to study or work in japan or japanese institutions and companies in general.

Nlec provides jlpt preparation classes from beginner (beginner), basic (n5), elementary (n4), intermediate (n3), advanced (n4), to proficient (n1) levels. With an estimated length of study of up to 37 months.

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