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Danacita continues to strive to increase access to education in Indonesia by bridging the economic gap to pursue further education so that Indonesian students can build a better future. Therefore, Danacita is very proud to be working with ITB STIKOM partner universities, which are one of the most popular private universities in the Bali and Nusra regions.

“We hope that through this collaboration, ITB STIKOM Bali together with Danacita can provide solutions to financial problems to Provide Affordable Education  help ITB STIKOM Bali students finish college well and increase the level of educational participation for young people in Indonesia, especially in the Bali region,” said Dr. Dadang Hermawan, Chancellor of ITB STIKOM Bali

One of Danacita’s advantages as a technology-based company

Is the easy and fast application process through the Danacita website ( The Danacita financing program is also open to all Austria Phone Number List active students and prospective students without being subject to a down payment fee or limitations on financing applications, so that Danacita can assist up to 100% of student tuition fees.

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Danacita hopes that through this collaboration, ITB STIKOM students can focus more on studying to achieve their goals and if faced with educational cost constraints, can use Danacita as a solution.

Since operating in Indonesia in 2018, Danacita has helped ease the payment of tuition fees at more than 100 campuses throughout Indonesia. With the slogan “Smart Tuition Fee Solutions”, Danacita can simplify the process of paying for education so that students can achieve the highest education possible without having to worry about the state of the economy. Through gradual payments, tuition fees will certainly be more affordable, especially when compared to the obligation to pay tuition fees directly within a certain period which is often a big challenge for the community.

Danacita is a subsidiary of ErudFi, a technology-based

company whose mission is to build a brighter future for young people in Southeast Asia. Danacita is officially licensed and supervised by Europe Email the Financial Services Authority as one of the Information Technology-Based Borrowing and Borrowing Service Providers with a license certificate number KEP-68/D.05/2021 since August 2, 2021. As a form of commitment to building the future of Indonesia’s young generation, Danacita has Provide Affordable Education  also partnered with several well-known educational figures such as Gita Wirjawan and Prof. Roy HM Sembel as advisor .

“We hope that more and more Indonesian students will be able to continue their education to the next level. Through the collaboration between Danacita and ITB STIKOM.

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