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Do you want to have a career as a professional programmer who has skills in the it field that the industry needs? Relax, alterra academy can be an option that can help you hone your skills in the it field. Quoted directly from the official alterra academy website. Alterra academy is a coding bootcamp that produces high quality. Programmer graduates and is needed by industry in indonesia.

Alterra academy is a coding bootcamp course institution

specifically for everyone with both an it and non-it background to become a programmer with the quality required by the industry. Currently, graduates from alterra academy have worked in various industries such as grab, bukalapak, tokopedia, aia and so on.

Apart from that, alterra academy will not only provide courses about coding. But it also teaches you to hone your soft skills so that the opportunity to get your dream job is wide open.

Why should you join the coding bootcamp at alterra academy

There are lots of benefits that you can get by taking a coding bootcamp course at alterra academy. Following are some of the Macedonia Phone Number List advantages that you will get by taking a coding course at alterra academy:

1. Curriculum relevance
Alterra academy designs and provides a high standard curriculum that has been adapted to the needs of today’s technology industry.

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2. Various program choices
Alterra academy provides 3 program options that are ready to support you in entering the world of it. Starting from immersive programs, advanced career programs, and blended learning platforms.

3. Ready to enter the world of work
Not only learning technical skills, alterra academy also prepares you to be able to face the world of work in the it field. You will also be taught how to make a resume and online presence , soft skills, how to face interviews, to coding tests.

Career consultation and support

After graduating from the program, alterra academy also provides support to alumni in the form of consultations or discussions Europe Email regarding careers and other insights.

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Alterra academy’s coding bootcamp program
Alterra academy provides 3 programs that you can choose to be able to work in the it field by having the skills needed by the industry. Following are the details of the 3 programs that you can choose at alterra academy.


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