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Social media Share Most companies have more than one social network associated with the brand, with Facebook being the current favorite (Orkut used to be, remember?). Well, we already know that being on all social networks is not necessary for a number of reasons , but if we have a defined strategy, the channels that are on the air need to work well to bring results to the business. One way to achieve this is through relationship marketing . Relationship marketing involves communication between brand and customer, that is, how the company communicates with the public and how this public receives this communication. This relationship can be efficient and bring good results

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Closer to what they like. When they don’t like something, they also make a point of talking directly to the company or to friends. Spreading their opinions about everything around. That’s where brand Canada Mobile Number List monitoring on social media comes in. Knowing what they are saying about you is essential to correct what is not cool or to bet even more on something that already works well. Here are 10 reasons to include relationship marketing in your social media strategy: 1- Understand the reality of those who like your brand: the universe of your target audience needs to be part of the brand’s communication


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Bet on content that will make a difference in their lives

Contextualizing it with the reality in which they live. 2- Knowing what your audience wants: discovering the true interests and needs of the audience is a great challenge for companies. But it is not impossible. In an Europe Email Inbound Marketing strategy, for example, invest in building a persona (the brand’s ideal customer), with a complete description of the profile (biography, age group, gender, specific problems). The conception of this profile is done through interviews with existing clients. This persona assists in the creation of texts for the website’s blog. As if it were answering questions that a customer profile might have. In the case of social networks, the ideal customer can be defined with the help of brand monitoring. Through it, it will be possible to understand what they really want. What they seek and how they communicate. T

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