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The first impression we have when we think about. International SEO is to think about how to make a website impact audiences in other countries. We leave this topic last to make an important point: What is the internationalization of a site is not only about translating it into another language . It is also necessary to understand issues that are of global relevance. In addition to analyzing the competition that operates in each market. For this reason. It is necessary to compose another strategy when the objective is international reach .

What is Does My Website Need a Tag

To do this, simply enter the URL email contact list of the page and. Indicate which language or country you want to generate the code for, and then place it inside the tag. If your site or blog is on WordPress, it already has a tool. Called Tags Lite with which you can create and add the tag to a page or post. If you do not understand programming and prefer a simpler version. To place the tag in HTML pages of your site or blog, you can use The Generator Tool that generates. A line of code with the tag that must be included in the HTML of your pages , mainly those that require international attention.

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General Segmentation With X Pattern

If your page displays content in Europe Email multiple languages ​​or simply. Asks a user to select it, you can use the x-default to show that the page is not specifically segmented. Therefore, the main goal of the tag is not to increase traffic to your site, but to make the content reach. The correct audience, once Google eliminates confusion by indicating the correct version of the content. This makes a huge difference in content classification, since the pages of your site have relevance. Calculated by the algorithm , according to the way they are viewed by users.

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