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The particularities between these two modalities have occupied the center of discussions in the corporate scenario, provoking reflections on productivity,well-beingand the future of work. Therefore, understand how this agenda can also impact the reality of interns and young apprentices. After all, is telecommuting effective? The rise of remote service was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, when many companies were forced to adopt this regime in response to mobility restrictions. This challenging period, however, also revealed the benefits and challenges of remote. The possibility of avoiding commuting, having a personified corner and achieving a better balance between work and personal life are some of the aspects responsible for redefining the market. With the sudden arrival of the health crisis, many questions arose about the validity of online dynamics.

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However, the innovations proved to be efficient and, nevertheless, continue in the daily lives of individuals even with the resumption of activities. “The remote has the characteristic of being live andcustom, is almost a reproduction of the face-to-face experience. Let’s take therapy as an example: it’s one thing to read a self-help book, it’s quite another to do it with a therapist at the same time on the other side, pulling you Cambodia WhatsApp Number List excavating your personal needs to be worked on”, points out Fran Rorato, CEO of Vox2You . In this sense, when we talk about the different sectors of activity, we can analyze how this new reality allows for greater geographic diversity in hiring talent. After all, it opens doors to a global workforce and the incorporation of different perspectives and skills.

WhatsApp Mobile Number List

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Informal exchanges in the corridors, meetings and sharing of ideas in a shared physical space generate a creative synergy that is often challenging to reproduce on a screen. Soon, thehybridismhas gained more and more space, along with welcoming behaviors for team members far from the headquarters of a given company. Is there a better alternative? According to a survey conducted by Gartner, more than Europe Email of professionals on a global scale express a preference for telecommuting, even after the acute phase of the pandemic. The study results also show how this group tends to report greater satisfaction with control over the most varied spheres of life. It is clear, therefore, that this was not a temporary change, but rather a restructuring of the routine of workers around the world. In this context, it is not a simple decision and must be take.

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