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Several interns apprentices and permanent staff found themselves faced with the need to update their skills. At the same time, corporations went through the crisis of adapting to the digital universe, changing the perspective of many workers. So, discover tips for a successful requalification! How does the market indicate the most fundamental skills for professionals? Since its first edition, the Future of Work Report, carried out by the the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, trends and transitions within the market. This year, the document already showed how transformations will be driven by technological advances and the maturation of artificial intelligence (AI). For Rebeca Toyama, spokesperson for SDG 8 of the Leadership with Impact Program of the UN (United Nations) and founder of the ICA (Academy of Integrative Skills).

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The future of work report shows us skills this year and beyond,” she commented. According to a survey by the World Economic Forum, the adoption of technology will continue to be the key to business evolution. Still, visible progress is expected in the workplace, taking into account the full spectrum Argentina WhatsApp Number List of skills and knowledge, observed as they adapt to automation and AI. To corroborate this, the study points out: in 2016, the companies surveyed predicted how around 35% of employees’ skills would change over the next five years. Now in 2023, the index has risen to 44%. “ will be on the rise and which issues will cease to exist. Therefore, we need to be attentive to guide us, especially when it comes to retraining”, explained the career specialist.

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Another cognitive skill, Creative Thinking takes second place ahead of three self-efficacy skills such as: resilience, flexibility and agility; motivation and self-awareness; and curiosity and lifelong learning. See too: What are the socio-emotional skills demand by the market? Why is it essential to always study and seek professional requalification? As seen, the scenario gradually undergoes changes driven Europe Email by the advance of modernity. Therefore, there is a great need to stay on top of corporate news while always investing in one’s own career through studies. This is because, in the past, an occupation was as a linear path, initiate and complete in a single company. However, at present, the situation is quite different. We are increasingly realizing how volatile and complex the job market is, which can include multiple job changes, career transitions, and periods of continuous learning and adaptation.

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