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Development Share Solid SEO practices are the backbone of your social media strategy. When used properly, they bring results never achieved before and can even surprise your team. The purpose of these five strategies that we are going to list is to spark new ideas and simultaneously leverage SEO and social media efforts. 1. Make your content targeted, searchable and shareable If you want to use social media with SEO in mind, make content that is targeted, searchable, and shareable. All content must be produc for a specific target audience and studied in depth. After all, there is no point in creating hundreds of posts for an audience that is not interest in the subjects covered in your blog/site.

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. One of the ways to learn what your audience is talking about is to use Twitter’s advanced search , which allows you to search for words, phrases, hashtags and users. In addition, it also facilitates the search Dubai Phone Number List for current affairs, influencers, specific needs of a target audience and questions. Even if you don’t use this social network in your strategy, it’s worth doing some research and analyzing the results. Tip: Listening to the needs of an audience makes it easy to create valuable content. To make your content searchable, use words your audience searches for. Some tools can help with this: Google Keyword Planner in AdWords Visibility Explorer no Conductor Searchlight Keyword Research do SEMrush Google Suggest (Google’s autocomplete feature) Tracking share rates on a monthly basis


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Ads on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn or any other

Social network where your audience is can help boost reach. It doesn’t need much. A small amount already changes the scenario and improves the results. When a post goes unnoticed by users, it is worth Europe Email reviewing whether this topic deserves new approaches or should be exclud from your strategy. 2. Write for humans and for robots Humans will read your content, as will robots (the emissaries of SEO). The job of the little robots is to select which content should appear on the first and last search pages (the ones nobody wants to be on), in addition to observing the links on the sites, collecting information and measuring the popularity of the pages,

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