Social media: is there a right way to deal with haters and all the hate on the internet

Digital Marketing , Social Networks Share Social media: is there a right way to deal with haters and all the hate on the internet? Regardless of whether your brand is big or small, traditional or new, you may have already noticed that the mood on social media is not always light. Haters are everywhere and any company that is online is subject to having to deal with them. The phenomenon of haters is nothing new, but the ways to contain the effects of the actions of these social network users are not yet clear to all digital communication professionals, much less to entrepreneurs. Digital rage is not exclusive to pages with thousands or millions of followers, so it is a topic that requires constant reflection.

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Internet’s development, it was possible to see an angry comment as something that could go unnoticed within your entire marketing strategy. Nowadays, this is not the case, it all depends on the type of USA Phone Number List comment, that is, who sent it, how they said it, what their motivations were, among other questions pertinent to a deeper analysis. Who agrees give RT A study conducted by California State University social professionals Kimberly Legocki and Kristen L. Walker analyzed angry tweets in search of patterns common to three crises that sparked social media hate . A curious and very relevant discovery for us in digital communication is that most of the fury on social media is ignited by retweets and not by more intense engagement.

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Intense words and subjective views. Beware of emotion and reason Although the emotional appeal often resonates well in terms of volume, it is in the rational comments that the great danger lies. of users who speak out against brands are “rational activists”, according Europe Email to the study. They are the ones who generate original and more analytical comments and, therefore, can be a sign of a real crisis. When analyzing the profile of the haters, the professionals noticed that digital communication should be attentive to users of social networks who are engage in activities against the brand, but who, until then, do not present a high frequency of publications in their own profile.

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