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Digital marketing Share When investing in Digital Marketing, it is essential to know the best strategy to not waste your time and money. Much is said about sponsoring posts on social networks and Google Adwords is always very attractive. But what’s the best investment? The answer is: it depends. Both Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are good forms of investment, each performing a different function. The choice must be based on the current need of the business. The biggest challenge is to know in which situations one can be more advantageous than the other. So, let’s show you when the best investment is made: facebook ads First, Facebook Ads: As the name suggests, these are Facebook ads. Although other social networks .

Facebook still reigns as the best channel

With the most reach. Facebook ads can be creat with text, photo or video. One of the main attractions of Facebook Ads is the high audience segmentation capacity. You will be able to choose location (city, state, country), age, profession, gender, personal interests and even relationship France Mobile Number List status! And who will he reach? When browsing Facebook, the user comes across the ad in their own feed or on the sides. That is, it is more suitable for attracting those consumers who are in the initial phase of interest in the product or service, since they are not looking for them directly. Google Adwords Unlike Facebook Ads, Google Adwords ads are target to those.

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people who are already looking for the

Services or products they need. Let’s explain how: when creating your text ad, you choose a keyword. When a person searches for the same keyword on Google, it will appear at the top of the results. Surely you asked yourself: “ah, but among the different ads with the same keyword, how do I know if mine will come out ahead? Find out who pays the most”. Well, the Europe Email amount you pay for the ad does affect your positioning. However, Google Ads highly values ​​the quality and relevance of the ads, as the positive experience of users in searches is what guarantees the success of Google itself. So, if you are thinking of investing in one of the two forms of advertising, first analyze your business and see what the main need is: attracting new customers

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