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Self-management and interpersonal relationships, for example, are important for a good organizational environment and professional performance. This is because, in an office where the only gifts are technical skills (hard skills), the coexistence between individuals and the organizational culture become outdated. In this sense, soft skills are on the rise, attracting the attention of recruiters. This theme affects apprentices, interns and professionals in general. Understand more about them and their importance to succeed in the market! What are soft skills? Translated from English as “interpersonal skills”, this is a term used by Human Resources specialists to identify specific characteristics of a subject. Among strong examples of aptitudes linked to the term, some stand out: emotional intelligence; resilience; assertive communication; team work; ethical principles; trust; positive attitude; motivation; organization and time management; ability to perform under pressure; flexibility; and security.

The benefits of having such skills insert

In the team include a healthy culture of well-being and constant productivity and motivation. However, if this is not the group’s strength, there are ways to develop through management actions. Among them, lectures and workshops , personal improvement plan and e-learning are effective tools. However, a clear knowledge about the expression is essential and how crucial it is nowadays. The change in business mindset Bolivia WhatsApp Number List Various sectors present in the employment environment are increasingly interested in hiring people who not only have excellent training, but also know how to live in a healthy way with others. In current selection processes, they have been considering not only an impeccable curriculum full of knowledge at the time of admission. The management of emotions and a greater understanding of the feelings.

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In this context, socio-emotional mastery

Which is more difficult to quantify, plays a fundamental role in the professional sphere and in interaction with others, gaining space when choosing candidates. The reason for this can come from several issues, but, in general, it occurs because they are as an indicator of how the subject deals with stress, teamwork and adaptation to changes. “A better organizational climate, greater collaboration and engagement, effective Europe Email conflict resolution, increased creativity and innovation, overall performance, reduced absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover, more empathetic and humanized leadership, improved decision-making,” points out Camila Alves, a consultant specializing in leader development and emotional intelligence and professor at Unyleya. However, hard skills and soft skills are complementary, as it is no use just having specific knowledge and not knowing how to deal with problems.

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